Our Aims and Values

The aim of our law firm is to provide the best possible legal services for our clients and help them solve difficult life situations, whether related to their business or personal life. As lawyers and barristers, we strive to contribute to the accomplishment and reinforcement of basic social values.

Our law firm’s basic values include:

  1. Doing my best
    • exceeding my client’s expectations;
    • the quality of my work comes before invoicing;
    • delivering good service;
    • maximising the effect of legal aid;
    • following sound judgement;
    • persistence;
    • work is fun.
  2. Accountability
    • to the values which law and advocacy represent;
    • to the office;
    • to my colleagues;
    • to myself and my work;
    • to the community.
  3. The human touch
    • advocacy is a personal service;
    • handling matters with empathy, understanding and in a way comprehensible for the client.
  4. Personal development
    • both professional and character development, becoming a better lawyer and person;
    • supporting creative potential;
    • sense of accomplishment;
    • meaningfulness.