About us

We are a Zlín-based law office and as such, we have strong ties to the Zlín Region. That’s what brought us all back to do advocacy in our hometown after having finished our studies and travelled the world.

Over time, this led to the creation of a stable team of partners, who were later joined by other colleagues. We all cherish a deep-rooted sense of Zlín native Tomáš Baťa’s zeal, inventiveness and diligence. We strive to bring these values to our work every day in order to preserve Baťa’s spiritual legacy: ‘When everyone talks of impossibilities, seek possibilities.’

Yet we do not feel constrained by the region borders and our clients include many ‘non- Zlíners’, to whom we provide remote consulting services, a booming trend in advocacy.

We always strive to provide advocacy services with integrity, in a fair and comprehensible way. To read more about our professional aims and values click here.

What We Do

To put it simply – we solve your problems, in particular those of corporate clients. We offer comprehensive and systematic legal consulting. We are committed to building trust, mutual respect and correct relationships with each of our clients: the necessary assumptions for a successful and long-term cooperation.

Our law firm provides its clients with legal aid in all major areas of law.

Yet our effort is to prevent the disputes between our clients and their business partners or to reach an out-of-court settlement, which is always less demanding in terms of time and finance for the client than a lawsuit. Consumer Notice.

The business of a law firm in this respect requires the establishment of standardized legal procedures employed when a business relationship comes into existence as well as dispute prevention, as a dispute between parties resulting in a lawsuit usually means the termination of any future business.

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JURÁŠ A PARTNEŘI, advokátní kancelář v.o.s.

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Czech Rep.
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The Regional Court in Brno,
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Mgr. Jaroslav Juráš, Lawyer

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JUDr. Lucie Chovancová, Lawyer

+420 775 568 625

Mgr. Marek David, Lawyer

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JUDr. Vojtěch Dolina, Lawyer

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Mgr. Klára Slívová, Lawyer

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Mgr. Anna Mikulíková, Lawyer

+420 731 887 577

Mgr. Jan Hruboš, Trainee Barrister

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Mgr. Martin Kandel, Trainee Barrister

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Mgr. Jan Mikulín, Trainee Barrister

+420 778 971 949

Dita Kubalčíková, Legal intern

Lukáš Zámečník, Legal intern

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